Thursday 7 April 2011

Thursday April 7 2011

A glorious day to begin a blog! The financial year ended with a slightly dull plop, in recognition that the year has been tricky and buyers maybe less enthusiastic about parting with their lolly.
However, on checking the figures it seems that sales were actually up last year - so I learn that impressions are not always accurate. We now monitor the number of visitors to the gallery, alongside sales and the weather! ...Could be interesting.
Anyway sun, or perhaps post budget feeling, has brought record sales for any one week in the past 18 months. Couriers are trotting round the UK and Europe with wall deliveries guaranteed to bring pleasure and probably a safer place for one's cash than the bank.
Hoorah for the joy of art! You don't have to spend a fortune to get some delight and beauty in your world, although if you're lucky you can widen your choice, but you must find something you love!

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