Monday 24 October 2011


The gallery is delighted to be hosting a new solo soon. From November 12 - 23 A LIFE WITHIN A LIFE presents the work of LYDIA CORBETT, AKA  SYLVETTE DAVID, who was Picasso's model for The Girl with the Pony Tail series. An established artist in her own right, this exhibition will consist of original oils, watercolours and delightful ceramics.
Contact the gallery on 01803 863054 ( Tues - Sat 10-4)

Tuesday 18 October 2011


YOUNG ARTIST RETURNS TO HOME BASE FOR SOLO EXHIBITION – the bowie gallery Totnes October 21 – November 2

Brought up close to Totnes, in Devon, Hannah Bone graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006 with a first class honours degree.
Her special interests are painting and textiles, but since 2006 she has largely concentrated on painting, with much success.

Hannah is currently based in London where she has a large studio, and in the last year the bowie gallery, which regularly exhibits her work, has signed contracts on her behalf with two international companies, who distribute reproductions worldwide. Some of these are available in the exhibition and are extremely good value.

Hannah’s original work is still very competitively priced.
She has worked in New York in various design studios, also with the sculptor Jilly Sutton, and with the designer Alison Willoughby. She has exhibited at Bristol Affordable Art Fair; Wimbledon open studios; Fosse Fine Art, London and many others.

Her inspiration still comes from her upbringing in the South West and most of her paintings honour the land and seascape of Devon and Cornwall

Tuesday 20 September 2011

rosie sanders in home territory

at the bowie gallery
54B High Street Totnes Devon TQ9 5SQ

This week ( Sept 22) a solo exhibition of work by botanical watercolourist Rosie Sanders will bring us into the Autumn months with real charisma and warmth. Regularly exhibiting with her London gallery for many years, Rosie decided that she would like a show closer to home – on the edge of Dartmoor, giving us all a chance to see some of the most charismatic watercolour painting we are likely to see.
Rosie is known for pushing the boundaries of botanical painting. She is often described as the world’s best painter of the world’s most famous fruit and has published several books including THE APPLE BOOK.
Her close-up paintings of flowers with their bold and saturated colours have a power and impact not usually associated with botanical watercolours. Her flowers frequently reveal an unexpected translucence and intricacy of pattern – her observation of form and colour gives the subject matter a razor sharp individuality.
This solo exhibition at the bowie gallery offers some stunning pieces, including a large oil – a relatively new medium for the painter, as well as a small selection of original artist’s monotype prints.

01803 863054 ( Gallery line 10-4 Tues – Sat)

Saturday 9 July 2011

SACRIFICE : ione rucquoi at the bowie gallery Totnes

We opened this stunning exhibition on Thursday July 7th and it looks great. Hoorah for reclaiming the white space and for the challenging unmissable work from this young artist. Dealing largely with her experience of the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy and motherhood bring, the artist presents work that will resonate with those who are prepared to extend their mind out of the box of convention. The visceral nature of giving birth overwhelms us in "the offering" - forget the tendency of american woman to have caesarians and avoid the rigours - childbirth is a bloody fight for life and this image is spot on.

exhibition runs until July 16   07956 412 278

Wednesday 15 June 2011

things said in art galleries...

check out my twitter page for thngs said in art galleries - makes amusing reading. Today an apparently normal guy came in and after a moment or two asked me if I sold fish.....he was looking at a Catherine Forshall painting of fish - so I said " what real fish?"  "Yes " he said. "Does this look like a fish shop?" say I " Oh" he said, I'm in the wrong place." Duh yes right!

Wednesday 8 June 2011


Couple of days in London, having a change of art scene, beginning with Tate Modern - I enjoyed Miro - although not as much as I hade expected to. Something about the changes that have taken place in the mark-making language over the years. I was surprised to find myself feeling slightly bored. The works were reminiscent of drawings that Lorca was doing and it made me recognise how much things have changed over the C20th / C21st. Tate is always worth a visit and this time didn't disappoint - either with Miro or  with State of Flux, which I often drop into; Tuesday brought us to the RA Summer show, where the prints showed signs of a rampage by buyers.  I resisted a Tracey Emin limited edition entitled Bleeding ( no prizes for guessing..) but may return and purchase. Instead bought a silk screen by Frank Kiely. A favourite painting was FAMILY by Tom Hammick at just under £20K,also liked Elizabeth Blackadder Still Life with Ribbon and Fruit £38,000.
Then enjoyed Haunch of Venison - great public gallery, behind the RA currently showing Richard Long - worth a visit. 
On to White Cube for Baselitz but unlike his last show these bored us;
Saatchi Gallery omigod if that is the state of things to come...has he bought these or is he showing us what we have become - STIMULATING THOUGH, not least for the gallery space, which is amazing.  Many of these sculptures made me feel that the more I know the less I understand..... Then Somerset House to be wowed by Ai Wei Wei heads - see them as soon as you can they are great accessible public art. There is another exhibition of Ai Wei Wei right now but can't remember where and didn't manage in in the time.
Now back at the bowie gallery Totnes Devon wanting some antioxidants!

Thursday 26 May 2011

Last week I was in Leicester and I visited Leicester Museum where they are hosting a fantastic exhibition of Picasso ceramics.
The collection belongs to Lord and Lady Attenborough, and is dedicated to the  memory of his daughter and grand daughter who died in the Tsunami in Thailand on Boxing Day 2004.
The ceramics really are something. Most of these pieces are beautiful editions, with two completely original pieces made by Picasso – they are worth a visit!

the bowie gallery currently has a little bowl made by Picasso’s muse and model Lydia Corbett, aka Sylvette David. Gotta be worth a flutter!
English Wine Week is being celebrated from May 28 – June 5 and we will be setting up a small exhibition in  Sharpham Winery. Original prints by Hilary Soper and Anita Reynolds, plus one or two other pieces. Sharpham will be celebrating with lots of events this week so do go along and enjoy what’s on offer. I can recommend the al fresco style cafĂ© without any hesitation!

Thursday 5 May 2011

ione rucQuoi solo

the bowie gallery will be hosting a solo exhibition of work by this intriguing artist, in July 2011. Titled SACRIFICE this promises to be a challenging exhiibition.
This show is made up of a selection which include  some of the artist's post-pregnancy imagery and new works which lean towards a large scale installation ‘Sanctae’ she is currently working on. This will be a great opportunity to view pieces that have been exhibited widely in Europe and  London and now for the first time in the South West UK, mostly concerned with body image and perceptions of the female.
SACRIFICES runs from July8 - 16   2011.
Lamb - ione rucQuoi

Monday 2 May 2011


It has been a great April - maybe buyers are feeling a bit more relaxed.
Yvonne Coomber pretty one sold towards the end of the week and Alice Leach fabulous Hyena painting this w/e - re assuring that good taste prevails! What is it about art that intrigues us? Whatever it is it's a GOOD thing - it reminds us we are human.

Saturday 23 April 2011


Busy day of gallery visitors but no -one parting with their cash. Maybe chocolate eggs are a better bet - Totnes is buzzing with people and everyone is in a great mood because of the fabulous weather. The walls have something lush by Yvonne Coomber, Alice Leach, Jonathan Woolfenden, Louise Dear and Yana Trevail - but compared with Daisy's Everything Blog this week has been quiet! check it out on

theatre lives! and it you are interested in the London theatre and arts scene check this out!
R.O. Lenkiewicz exhibition at the RWA Bristo opened last week. Of 10,000 paintings he left this is some kind of example but I feel it lacked cohesion. And I think it's time Diogenes was buried in the blessed soil.

Thursday 21 April 2011

sunny easter week

Interesting times we live in - in terms of art purchasing anyway. The banks are paying nothing to speak of so cash in savings accounts is actually losing money - SOOOOO a few wise people are investing in art - the idea being that you have something marvellous to enjoy while still preserving the value of your hard earned dosh. Will you sell it on later? Well - maybe - at least you have some choice - delight and pleasure on the wall to enjoy, and the potential of a secondary market sale later. It's a no brainer!
Best buys right now if you can ( in our gallery, and in my humble opinion ) Yana Trevail - earlier representational work; Sarah Gillespie; Catherine Forshall - always steady in the market and affordable, and James Stewart and Alice Leach ones to watch!
By the way we have been closing early in case this IS the summer!

Thursday 14 April 2011

Secondary market thoughts

I guess it's the economic environment that's encouraging an increasing number of people to consider selling the odd painting. This is an interesting exercise not only for the vendor but for the gallery they ask to help them. The commission is not a great incentive for a gallerist - usually a lot less than for the primary sale - but checking out how the market is holding up in the long term certainly is. Recent experiences suggest that it is possible to double your money in, say 8/10 years - better odds than most investments. The key is the artists themselves - if the work is of good quality, and the artist well established, then the chances are you will make money selling. This is good for the primary market too - because it encourages buyers, and gives gallerists some examples of what might be possible.
When all is said and done however, surely the best investment is in something you are going to love for a long time. The painting the kids want you to leave them when you go!!!

Friday 8 April 2011

Lovely sunny Friday

Well today was a delicious day - first - 8am - change art at Rumour Wine Bar - lovely coffee thanks Pilli! In the gallery, lots of people around enoying the long awaited sunshine. Travelling often between a couple of towns ( lunch in Salcombe, shopping in Totnes) they were basking in the weather and looking to buy something for the walls.
It's interesting - how people decide what to buy. Sometimes it is a question of putting money into paintings "because it sure as hell isn't getting anything in the bank" - one guy today even told me he has put all his money into paintings and is opening an art gallery and will sell them if and when people want to buy - GOOD IDEA!...
This is PAMELA by James Stewart - on view at New Walk Brasserie Totnes
For lots of us - we would just like something lovely on the wall - that we will still love in ten years' time....and we buy such a variety of things it is amazing! I love that - people should buy what they love - and that could cost £100 or Ten Grand. XX After gallery, a good hard walk with my walking buddy, DECENT G and T -  and now - THE WEEKEND!

Thursday 7 April 2011

Catherine Forshall and Sarah Gillespie

Two very different artists, both with a popular following. Catherine has spent many years living and painting in the South of France, and her paintings, almost solely of FISH (acrylic on linen) benefit from a particular technique that she suggests is connected with exposure to that special sunlight. Somehow she manages a fluidity in the painting that is reminiscent of water-colour, giving a marvellous luminosity to the works.
Whilst Forshall is concerned with what goes on under the sea, Sarah Gillespie is the ultimate perfectionist in terms of light - on the sea and on water in general. Her awe-inspiring technique in oils and also in charcoal and pencil could, but doesn't, disguise the true nature of her intense engagement with the wonders of the natural world. The results are paintings of depth and great beauty.

Thursday April 7 2011

A glorious day to begin a blog! The financial year ended with a slightly dull plop, in recognition that the year has been tricky and buyers maybe less enthusiastic about parting with their lolly.
However, on checking the figures it seems that sales were actually up last year - so I learn that impressions are not always accurate. We now monitor the number of visitors to the gallery, alongside sales and the weather! ...Could be interesting.
Anyway sun, or perhaps post budget feeling, has brought record sales for any one week in the past 18 months. Couriers are trotting round the UK and Europe with wall deliveries guaranteed to bring pleasure and probably a safer place for one's cash than the bank.
Hoorah for the joy of art! You don't have to spend a fortune to get some delight and beauty in your world, although if you're lucky you can widen your choice, but you must find something you love!