Wednesday 15 June 2011

things said in art galleries...

check out my twitter page for thngs said in art galleries - makes amusing reading. Today an apparently normal guy came in and after a moment or two asked me if I sold fish.....he was looking at a Catherine Forshall painting of fish - so I said " what real fish?"  "Yes " he said. "Does this look like a fish shop?" say I " Oh" he said, I'm in the wrong place." Duh yes right!

Wednesday 8 June 2011


Couple of days in London, having a change of art scene, beginning with Tate Modern - I enjoyed Miro - although not as much as I hade expected to. Something about the changes that have taken place in the mark-making language over the years. I was surprised to find myself feeling slightly bored. The works were reminiscent of drawings that Lorca was doing and it made me recognise how much things have changed over the C20th / C21st. Tate is always worth a visit and this time didn't disappoint - either with Miro or  with State of Flux, which I often drop into; Tuesday brought us to the RA Summer show, where the prints showed signs of a rampage by buyers.  I resisted a Tracey Emin limited edition entitled Bleeding ( no prizes for guessing..) but may return and purchase. Instead bought a silk screen by Frank Kiely. A favourite painting was FAMILY by Tom Hammick at just under £20K,also liked Elizabeth Blackadder Still Life with Ribbon and Fruit £38,000.
Then enjoyed Haunch of Venison - great public gallery, behind the RA currently showing Richard Long - worth a visit. 
On to White Cube for Baselitz but unlike his last show these bored us;
Saatchi Gallery omigod if that is the state of things to come...has he bought these or is he showing us what we have become - STIMULATING THOUGH, not least for the gallery space, which is amazing.  Many of these sculptures made me feel that the more I know the less I understand..... Then Somerset House to be wowed by Ai Wei Wei heads - see them as soon as you can they are great accessible public art. There is another exhibition of Ai Wei Wei right now but can't remember where and didn't manage in in the time.
Now back at the bowie gallery Totnes Devon wanting some antioxidants!