Friday, 8 April 2011

Lovely sunny Friday

Well today was a delicious day - first - 8am - change art at Rumour Wine Bar - lovely coffee thanks Pilli! In the gallery, lots of people around enoying the long awaited sunshine. Travelling often between a couple of towns ( lunch in Salcombe, shopping in Totnes) they were basking in the weather and looking to buy something for the walls.
It's interesting - how people decide what to buy. Sometimes it is a question of putting money into paintings "because it sure as hell isn't getting anything in the bank" - one guy today even told me he has put all his money into paintings and is opening an art gallery and will sell them if and when people want to buy - GOOD IDEA!...
This is PAMELA by James Stewart - on view at New Walk Brasserie Totnes
For lots of us - we would just like something lovely on the wall - that we will still love in ten years' time....and we buy such a variety of things it is amazing! I love that - people should buy what they love - and that could cost £100 or Ten Grand. XX After gallery, a good hard walk with my walking buddy, DECENT G and T -  and now - THE WEEKEND!

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