Thursday, 21 April 2011

sunny easter week

Interesting times we live in - in terms of art purchasing anyway. The banks are paying nothing to speak of so cash in savings accounts is actually losing money - SOOOOO a few wise people are investing in art - the idea being that you have something marvellous to enjoy while still preserving the value of your hard earned dosh. Will you sell it on later? Well - maybe - at least you have some choice - delight and pleasure on the wall to enjoy, and the potential of a secondary market sale later. It's a no brainer!
Best buys right now if you can ( in our gallery, and in my humble opinion ) Yana Trevail - earlier representational work; Sarah Gillespie; Catherine Forshall - always steady in the market and affordable, and James Stewart and Alice Leach ones to watch!
By the way we have been closing early in case this IS the summer!

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